You have a mission to serve the community and the world. I work to turn your ideas into reality through usable IT solutions.

Strategic Thinker

  • Hearing the needs of current & new business processes
  • Assessing the abilities of current tools: software, databases, websites & web tools
  • Asking clarifying questions to thoroughly  requirements

Innovative Solution Finder

  • Moving from “there is no good solution” to the “A-ha” moment
  • Bringing your technical and business resources together to create solutions
  • Excelling where there are technical problems to solve

Technical Communicator

  • Bridging the communication barrier between technical and business parties
  • Communicating business needs to technical parties
  • Working with users to teach technical processes

“What I appreciate about (Rachael) is her ability to sit back and look at the bigger picture and overall goals and objectives. She also is great at breaking apart complex problems and coming up with winning solutions.” (more)