“Rachael Arnott has a multitude of strengths in terms of her understanding and execution of complex IT issues.  What I appreciate about her is her ability to sit back and look at the bigger picture and overall goals and objectives. She also is great at breaking apart complex problems and coming up with winning solutions.  She is great as setting up a system, and then handing it off for someone else to maintain.

Her patience in dealing with people who are less IT literate is always impressive.  Over the years that I have worked with her this is one of the most solid traits that other people and I have noted.  This goes a long way in working in an organization where people have other strengths (non-IT related). She is able to help others ideas or visions come into reality through creative IT or web solutions.”

“Rachael is a strategic thinker who has the ability to see both the big picture as well as the minor details. She has a tremendous understanding of the technical side of things, as well as the practical applications. She provides tremendous value to a team and asks forward thinking questions and points out various factors that could easily be overlooked to help teams make well-informed decisions. Rachael is innovative and committed to finding the best option for everyone involved. Rachael also embraces teachable moments to equip and empower her teammates and colleagues.”