Import of contacts into a central database

  • Collection of 52 thousand contacts from 9 data sources
  • Duplicate checking against current records and screening of collected data
  • Formatting data for import
  • Importing contact records, contact information, contact permissions, solicitor information, and additional data

Migrating from offsite recurring  gift system into in-house system
Ensuring a seamless complete transition with the lowest impact on donors and staff

  • Obtaining offsite gift details & formatting gift data for import .
  • Examining constituents current gift data.
  • Considering donor and staff  needs to create new business rules.
  • Updating or importing new recurring gift records
  • Creating procedures for t staff to process recurring gift batches and credit card processing.

Customize online donation pages
Your unique  message prompts the highest response; while ensuring the most efficient business process for you.

  • Determine possibilities in online donation system and work with development department to select features to take advantage of them
  • Assess requirement for complete gift entries
  • Configure online donation form to best meet development department and donor needs
  • Create procedures for importing gifts and donors

List Segmentation for sales marketing
Targeting your message prompts the best responses

  • Work with client to determine data available for segmentation
  • Gather data from multiple sources into a MS SQL data for manipulation
  • Create queries to identify the highest “tier” each contact qualifies in
  • Create email and postal mailing lists of contact based on each segment tier

 Constant Contact list management
It is not true that email is free – bad lists can lead to being blocked and then nobody gets your message.

  • Maintaining lists of contacts from primary databases for contact through mass email system.
  • Monthly and quarterly updated lists with latest database data in 12 groups of select contacts.
  • Removing frequent bounces and unopened addresses to improve list health and quality.